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Executive Coach

Helping Executives Become Highly Effective Leaders

Executive leadership coaching programmes underpinned by proven methodologies, developed to help you take your organisation or division from 'Good to Great'.

You will develop the skills and mindset of high performing leaders who maintain a healthy and fulfilling life/work balance. 

The coaching focuses on strengths based practice in the areas of leadership, communication, running effective meetings, leading change, tough mindset and health and wellbeing.

Business Coach

Helping Entrepreneurs Scale Up Their Business

Develop the entrepreneur success mindset and Scale up your business using the same coaching programme hundreds of companies have benefitted from. As the co-founder of New Level Results, we will have access to all the online mapping and tracking programmes that have helped hundreds of companies to create a clear strategic plan for their business and then be held accountable to monthly objectives which drive growth, jobs and prosperity.

Team Coach

Helping Leaders Build High Performing Teams

Building high perfoming teams. Simon has worked with large teams working on huge offshore wind farm projects and small management teams in SME's. The key to the success of teams lie in understanding and leveraging team values and creating alignment to a shared legacy, vision and goals. Simon also has access to a tool which will predict the success of team and identify how they can play to their strenghts and overcome challenges. 


Keynote Speaker

Inspiring Audiences Around The World 

Simon speaks on a range of topics including: 'Unlocking Your Full Potential and Achieving Impossible Dreams'; 'Secrets of Success at Work and in Business'; and 'How To Scale UP Your Business'. As the current President for The Toasted Sandwich, International Toastmasters Club, Simon has the opportunity to speak to a range of audiences on a regular basis. Trained by Dale Carnegie Inc and the Andy Harrington Speakers Academy, he recently presented alongside Dr Vivien Wijaya and Cameron McConnell at The Kings Summit.

Mastermind Groups

Creating Groups of Business Owners and Executives

Transform your business and personal life by tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of like minded entrepreneurs and executives who spend quality time working on YOU. Time you rarely have time for or even invest in. Simon offers a range of Mastermind group experiences including overseas boot camps; monthly meetings, zoom calls and peer to peer workshops.

Events Host

Hosting Business and Christian Conferences

Simon is one of the founders of The Kings Summit Business Conference, first held in June 2018, which helped over 70 companies to identify well established solutions to grow their business and network with like minded entrepreneurs. This annual conference event unlocks many of the philosphies outlined in Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, The 4-Hour Work Week and great philosphers such as Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar, all of whom relate back to many biblical principles. 

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